wasaprettygirl (wasaprettygirl) wrote in lessandfewer,


I 'm Holly.  I just found the 100 things challenge and I think it is the most awesome thing ever.  See, I have a major clutter problem.  I keep EVERYTHING, and I know I have to stop.  I'm getting married next February.  My fiancé and I already live together and my clutter drives him crazy.  98% of the stuff we own came from me.  I did get a head start though.  We are moving about 5 hours away and are planning on starting over.  I sold all my furniture and gave away most of my clutter items, but some I'm still holding on to.  I'm still feeling anxiety when I think about my stuff being gone.   Everything I own is now in a room at his mom's where we are staying until the move.  I still have WAY too much, but I’m going to try the challenge and get my life together.  :-) 

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