sasha (sarijw) wrote in lessandfewer,

Wish me luck!

Hi all! I'm new here. I just found out about this group but I'm very excited! I've been wanting to cut back severely for a long time -- in that I would like to keep 25% of what I have now, when I'm done. My parents were both packrats ("we might need it again someday!") and it seems to have trickled down a bit, although, not as badly, thankfully! 

I know I'm probably late, but I'm going to start with the 100 things... unfortunately, I can think of roughly 100 things already to give away and that's before gettting to the attic! I'm going to follow an earlier poster's example of keeping a list...not just of what I'm going to give away, but also what I'm throwing away, to see where I'm wasting my money, so I can be more mindful in the future. I look forward to reading about other people's experiences and learning from them!

Wish me luck!
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