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Random Item Disposal | 09.19.08

Well, I really sucked when it came to the 100 Things project. I sucked so hard I still have my bags/piles of stuff. I was going to be good to my fellow man & the Earth & donate a shit-ton, but it just might all end up in the trash after this weekend. I just can't deal with it anymore.

So, to get myself on better track, I am going to do what any sane grown-up should be doing: cleaning/tossing as you go along. I don't do this. I think about what I need to get rid of. I look at/play with it. I think I maybe could have some need for it later or someone else might want it. Essentially, I just shuffle the fucker (whatever it is) all around my house until I forget about it in a box, closet, cubby, bag, etc. No more! I must immediately walk myself to the trash can & let. it. go.

Tonight I have lovingly released:

  • 3 3.5" microdiskettes formatted for the AT&T WP7700 (this was a gargantuan word processor complete with monitor that I used for my college papers. according to someone on craigslist it originally cost $1000; I spent $50 second-hand)
  • 16 additional 3.5" microdiskettes - I certainly have no machines that take these anymore
  • a 2"x2" 2007 Dogs calendar - I think it was a stocking stuffer of sorts from someone at the office
  • ancient slippery elm lozenges I found in my kitchen junk drawer
  • 3 refrigerator magnets I don't like anymore - this includes a lowercase plastic letter L I found on the steps of my old apartment. why I decided I needed this & not the kid who lived downstairs who it probably belonged to is beyond me.
  • outdated bus schedule book
  • &...oh my, I am going to admit this...a cut out & Xeroxed Cathy comic. Yes, I had this on my refrigerator door. In my defense, she was totally me.
Okay, the comic is this:
Cathy is standing in a shop, floor-to-ceiling denim jeans. The sales gal asks, "do you want low cut? really low cut? really, really low cut? really, really really low cut? really, really, really, really low cut?"

The words of wisdom: ironically, there are few places less equipped to handle the rugged individualist than the blue jean department.

Cathy: do you have any jeans that have the waistband at the waist?
Sales Gal: huh?

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