kissorsleep (kissorsleep) wrote in lessandfewer,

Random Item Disposal | 09.23.08

Tonight's list of refuse is from last night & tonight. I'm exhausted {unrelated to the item disposal} so no fun story. Just a list. Oh, & it's after 9pm, but I'm making gnocci. There, that can be the story.
  • 7 lipsticks/lipbalms/glosses
  • 1 very old, nearly dried up lip/cheek stain
  • 1 creamy eyeshadow duo
  • 1 random notebook with old company logo
  • 1 random scratchpad {it got a good home}
  • 6 packages of envelopes that belonged to holiday cards from 6 years ago
  • 1 vinyl cd sleeve that must have held a freebie from a magazine {where is the CD?}
  • 1 iPod shuffle box
  • 1 broken watch
  • 3 cheap & cheesy costume rings that have busted &/or discoloured
  • 2 removable straps for handbags {don't know which handbags they belong to & don't care}
  • 1 very old & filthy "magic wallet" from J.Crew {don't get the suede kind as they suck up your dirty skin cells & oils & it shows!}
It is feeling so good to actually toss the shit instead of continuing to be a dirty packrat. It goes in cycles, sometimes I am such a minimalist, but then I get comfy with all the crap & forget to throw things away. I'm already feeling lighter.
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