kissorsleep (kissorsleep) wrote in lessandfewer,

Random Item Disposal | 09.25.08

This is probably boring the crap out of you, but it sure is helping me. I am taking a personal day tomorrow off from work & guess what I'm going to do? Clean out crap! Way into this now.

Here's a few more things I've parted with over the last 2 days:
  • dried out facial cleansing wipes
  • 4-year-old insect repellant
  • hard, crusty rubber bands
  • class schedule from college, too many years old to mention (okay, think decade)
  • mini plastic Narnia snow globe that came with a pack of batteries
  • plastic Darth Vader head that had candy in it from last Halloween
  • notebook-style day planner that I haven't purchased refills for since 2004


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