Snidely Whiplash (labrujah) wrote in lessandfewer,
Snidely Whiplash

yesterday I tackled the hallway...

a source of discontent for years between my neighbor and I, because we are both pack rats. he is moving back home after a summer away so I only have a few days to attack the hallway!

threw out:
- box of lace pieces that were ugly
- old scale (which passerby were THRILLED about and took right home)
- random fabric (1/100th of my random fabric collection unfortunately)
- screenprinting kit
- old magazines

on the chopping block - i.e. should I keep?
- coffee machine
- tons of old papers from grad school which will only be useful if I ever decide to teach a class, plus we have the internet now? might kill me to go back through them though.
- cans of paint, sometimes I like to paint things.

I am also going to a clothes swap next week and bringing five bags. I am only allowed to bring 1 bag home.
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