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Random Item Disposal | 10.03.08

Well, now it's the 4th, but this still counts. This is just never-ending & it's such small, silly things (to me, at least.) Plus, I try to make myself adhere to the rule of getting rid of things whenever I bring something new into the house. I haven't really been bringing in new things - though there are some items I need/want - but I've already drug out my Halloween/Autumn decorations & doo-dads so it feels like I bought new stuff.
  • old Wonder Woman address book - first, I barely used it & also, I haven't used it in years; I think it was from the late 90s
  • tarot card dvd - pretty sure it belongs to a manual/book & a deck, but who knows where those are
  • lipgloss palette, 2-sided lipgloss wand & 3 lipsticks - yes, I just got rid of 7 other assorted lip products mere days ago & I could keep getting rid of more. predominantly near-identical shades of red from every brand (I know it's a problem)
  • ceramic lotion bottle with lotion in it - purchased this a while ago from TJMaxx. it's just not my style. I had a similar bottle that had soap in it, but it has also been released.
  • a plastic ball & cup game
  • a plastic desktop-sized tub of sorts that a coworker gave me valentine goodies in about 3 years ago
  • plastic pencil cup I hate - I use things like old candle cups, vases, glasses, etc. for pens/pencils now
  • 6 cheapo pens that no longer work
  • about 20 old magazines (get ready for follow ups on this one. I probably have about 20 times as much to finish getting rid of. I'm a magazine junkie, but I also use them for inspiration & collage.)
In other news, I have homemade potpourri of orange slices & cloves cooking on the stove. It smells so good in here. Have a great weekend everybody! :]
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