certain people i know (claudelemonde) wrote in lessandfewer,
certain people i know

100 Things Party

this week, get rid of 100 things. you have until friday! throw them out, recycle them, donate them, bring them in to work (this is how to disperse the 345687352 pens we probably all own), drop them off at a shelter, sell them on ebay or craigslist, post them on freecycle. even just getting things boxed & bagged up is a huge step! comment with pictures and success stories; if you think of anything brilliant, feel free to post!

last week i pulled this pile of clothes from my front closet for donation. (the top of the heap is over four feet high*.) it only took about 30 minutes; a good way to stay motivated is to play an album, even an EP, & tell yourself you MUST stay moving during that time. you can do 30 or 45 minutes easily & you'll feel much better.

if you're at work, go around your job right now & look for a couple of boxes, or ask at the supermarket, or raid recycle bins. once you have them at home it's that much easier to round up stuff with which to fill them (& also easier to stay motivated once you get home; i know how the post-work sinkhole can suck the energy right out of you).

let us know how it works! was it harder than you thought? did you come up with any tricks?

* no, the donation pile is not haunted, i was in a hurry & COFFEE'D UP
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