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Oh. Lord.

I just randomly discovered this community, and even though no one has posted in a while, I feel I need to express how proud I am that I've de-cluttered my house.

Let me start off by saying that I. KEEP. EVERYTHING. In my younger years, my friends and I were famous for picking things up off the ground that looked interesting and keeping them in memory boxes. As of last week I had 35 12inch x 18inch x 4inch deep memory boxes. Lost nametags, bolts, oddly shaped sticks, forgotten love letters, and deteriorating dropped photographs. You name it, we've found it, and kept it.

Along with 30 new toys every holiday from family members for my daughter, and clothes I have not fit into since I was 12. My house was so full of crap.

In the last week I have:

Emptied the INNUMERABLE contents of two desks, three walk in closets [one measuring 10 X 5], three bedrooms, one living room, which was knee deep in McDonald's toys and stuffed animals, and all my beloved memory boxes. But not before taking digital photographs and scanning everything, for a [less cluttering] Memory "External Harddrive." :D

I have used 78 30-gallon garbage bags. 42 of them were trashed, and 36 donated to the local Goodwills and Salvation Armies. I used two gallons of carpet steaming solution, taking 16 hours in all [not including drying time] to clean all the carpet in the house. One gallon of bleach and 5 boxes of 4-each Magic Erasers. [There was crayon all over EVERYTHING. I do have a two year old.] I believe I twice surpassed the 100 mark, and I am feeling very very good about myself.

Being a dedicated packrat, it was very hard for me. But extremely rewarding. I managed to cut down to about 10% of our original posession count. Now my boyfriend is another story. There are computer parts packed away from the Jurassic Era..
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Good for you!! Man, that's a whole lot of Throwing Away, you must feel pretty great. May I ask, exactly how bit is your house...? As bad as my closets can be, I wonder where I'd even BEGIN to put 78 30-gallon bags of stuff!

I dig the idea of taking thousands of pictures for posterity. You can look back and think at all the stuff you WOULD'VE had if you hadn't cleaned.
Did you take pictures of the trash bag piles as well? If so, please post!
2,600 sqft.

Three bedroom, two 5ft x 5ft walk in closets, one 10ft x 5ft. Double shelving in all three, and since I live in Florida and don't have a basement, a VERY FULL attic.

As to pictures, I've got them, but I'm currently on Clearwire. It takes so long to even download the drivers I need to switch to the cable modem I recently purchased, that I'd rather just wait until I've switched to upload the photos :]
oh man i hope you post links i'd LOVE to see pictures of the process. i'm such a weirdo i love seeing that kind of stuff

That's an incredible story. I'm also quite struck by how you counted the numbers of bags and everything that you filled - it sounded like a military operation!

Congratulations XX
I'm obsessive compulsive with just about everything I do. Even when my house was filled with crap, everything had a place, and it was all neatly squared away. I'm very strange. :]

Deleted comment

In February we are moving to accommodate our expanding careers, and hopefully expand the size of our family. :D

It was six months of agonizing for me to let go of all my treasures, but one day I just woke up, had a cup of coffee and decided "It has to be today, or it will be never."

Deleted comment

Oh, I know. It is a struggle for me every time I walk into a Thrift store. I'm there JUST to buy funky curtains and nothing else, but there is always something fabulous and cheap and I have to beat myself a bit to remember how bad it was in here before. It is a lifelong learning process, but I think donating stuff to people who actually have use for it helped make it a lot easier.

As for kids, I've got one. Aria. She's two and a half. We thought it would eventually be nice to give her a little brother or sister. I'm the youngest of six, to a mother who is in the middle of ten. I've always dreamed of having at least one more child. And she very much wants to be a big sister. She desperately asks me to take the baby home, when we visit friends with infants. :D

Although, ideally, I'm waiting until she's a few years older. Old enough to make bottles and change diapers. It never hurts to have a little helper. :]