C² ÷ √♥ = ? (kissesxorlies) wrote in lessandfewer,
C² ÷ √♥ = ?

Just a few "before pictures" from the huge purging process. They are crappy phone quality, because my camera was charging, and it takes forever. As soon as I find the card reader for the camera, there are many more.

The sleeping portion of our room.

My daughter's room, which is the smallest of the three.

His closet. I know, I'm evil for delegating all his clutter to
the office closet. Isn't it weird how it's right next to the door?
That's another reason we're moving.
This floor plan was not well-thought-out.

I'll post the afters of everything as soon as I'm fully done redecorating. I still have new curtains to hang, a CHRISTMAS TREE TO PUT UP, and a little more rearranging. :D
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